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Dec 04

Poor little tink, tink

I came across this video and I thought it was very inspirational, so wanted to share it.  I have heard of this story before and I have seen the stand-up bit by Katt Williams before.  It is just the way this video was put together, to me, was very moving to me.  Maybe it was the combination of real life with real talk.  For what ever reason, it got me to thinking about what makes a person become what they what to be in their life.  What are those driving forces that push you past the limits that others have set for you?

For anyone who have never heard of Katt Williams, I must warn you, he is a comedian that does use adult language “A LOT”.  So please do not get offended by his words, but tie together what he is saying to the actual real person’s situation that they were actually living.

YouTube Preview Image

The reason why I wanted to write about this, is because everyone is missing the most important part of this social equation.  Which is why he won because he did lose races, and it had nothing to do with his prosthetic legs.  As you seen after he won, then he was labeled as having an unfair advantage over the other runners.  At the same time when he was losing races, then the reason why was because he could not keep up with the other runners.  What I am saying is that his legs or the lack of them did not matter in this situation.  The important factor that actually determine this outcome was the “heart of the athlete“.

The reason why I believe this is because no matter what, if he did not want to win, he wouldn’t of.  He work to becaome a winner and he did fail along the way. He got out of it what he put into it and that is why he won.  My thing is why did they let him compete in the first place?  Was it to show the world that we believe in the under dog, and everyone has the right to prove their self worth?  Everyone knew what he was coming into the race with.  He did not lie about it or try to cover it up.  So the only problem that I see is that they really did not think or believe that he could actually win.  How messed up is that?

So back to the social math of this situation, and there is a lot of social math going on here.  The true dominating factors in this equation is: the will to succeed, the desire to over come, and the self motivation to be more then what the world labels you as.  These factors were totally over looked.  It was nothing to do with what he was running on, but what he did with them.  How many people can actually say that if they were in his situation, that they would of won, or even tried.  My point to this is, do not worry so much about what others think or will think about you.  It is what YOU think and believe about yourself, that really matter.  If you do not believe me than go back and watch the video again.  Thank you for your time and please share your point of view with me. TTYL

To make it clear, tink tink is not a real person, he is just a made-up charactor in a comedy skit.  The guy in the clip is Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986).  They are not the same story and are not connected in any way.  If you would like to learn more about him log into  http://www.ossur.com/?PageID=13008  he story is real and is truly inspiring.


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  88. thank you for this .it tells me that if you want to really do something in life than i need to keep trying dont give up on your dreams keep my head up on try on the what i believe .. i have .but i understand thanks.

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    • Welcome back Nile,
      It was wrong to me to disqualfy him, after they said he could run. So to me it did seem like they did not think he could win. His story is even more deep then that because he never had legs. So he had to learn walk start. I do agree with you when it comes to a person having hero traits, Oscar is one of them. We you see people like Oscar and what he made of his life, it make you wonder why other people would even try to come up with reason why they cannot achieve their goals. Thank you for stopping by again, TTYL

  122. Interesting post, Marcus. Really makes you think.

    Of course, in addition to having the “heart” to win, the underlying structure of the equation is doing the training and making the effort required to be put yourself in a position to win.

    Heart or no heart, you must position yourself to win, take the daily actions required and be willing to undergo the struggle required to overcome the obstacles as they arise.
    David Merrill recently posted..Targeted Listbuilding – Part 3

    • Hey David,
      Was you stated, “the underlying structure of the equation is doing the training and making the effort required to be put yourself in a position to win.” You are so right with saying that. This is my point, if he did not put in the work to become a winner, then it does not matter what he is running on.
      Everyone is so focus on his prosthetic legs. What about him as a person? When he lost it was about his legs. When he won it was about his legs. I say it was always about him and how much he wanted to win. Now because he wanted it, he put the work in to make it happen. He had the vison, he had the drive, and he put in the work to reach his goal. These are the true factors to his success , his prosthetic legs were just a catalyst.
      Was always thank you so much for stoping by, you always add depth to the conversion, TTYL

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